Palm Trees

Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Tree Trimming

When To Trim Palm Trees

It is always important to trim palm trees only when needed for constant palm tree trimming can cause damage. Constant trimming leads to weakening of the tree and can eventually cause it to die. Do Not have a mass removal of healthy green fronds, even if it seems more convenient so one does not have to prune it for a long time again. Plus, never use climbing


spikes to climb up the tree. They leave holes which will only make it easier and more susceptible for diseases and insects to get inside the tree. You want to have your palm trees pruned every year before the late summer when the fruit begins to drop.  You can prune you palm at any time, but the winter is the best time because the tree is dormant.

Palm trees are a hassle sometimes to get maintained properly.  Since they don’t have limbs and branches like a regular tree some San Antonio  tree service companies are reluctant to take on a palm tree job.  The Urban Foresters are certainly not afraid of any tree job, and that includes palm tree pruning.  Take a minute to learn a little more about Palm Trees and what you can do to ensure their health.

About Palm Trees

First off a Palm “tree” is not really a tree at all.  Genetically speaking it is much closer to a grass than a tree.  This is because a Palm does not have any woody tissue like a tree.  If you have ever seen a palm tree removed, you would have noticed that the inside of the trunk is made up of layers upon layers of soft grass-like tissues that overlap each other to form a rigid structure that can support the weight of the tree.  This is very different than a regular tree that injects tannins into the cell walls of individual cells in order to form the wood that is in a tree’s branches and trunk.

Because a Palm Tree is different than a regular tree, they need special care.  Unlike regular trees, Palms are not able to heal or “compartmentalize” wounds.  Therefore we must be very careful when we prune Palm Trees so we do not cause damage or death of the tree.  You will want to make sure that you are working with a professional who understands what a Palm tree can and can’t handle from a pruning perspective.  The most common types of pruning done on Palm trees are dead frond removal and seed pod removal.  The dead fronds are the ugly, brown fronds that hang down after each growing season.  A Palm tree will grow a new set of fronds every growing season, and the old fronds will die off and begin to brown and hang low.  These need to be pruned off seasonally so they do not build up and create a maintenance nightmare.  Some species of Palms produce very large fruit called “Dates.”  If you have ever bought dates form the store you know they are very sweet and gooey.  This soft fruit is a problem because is splats on the concrete around our buildings and houses and causes staining.


Proper Palm Tree Trimming

When trimming palm trees, always remove the dead or damaged leaves, plus the fruit and flower stalks. How much to remove depends on if the tree has any nutrient deficiencies or it has none. If the Palm Tree is nutrient deficient, Do Not trim off leaves that are not completely dead. If it is not nutrient deficient and has a full canopy which is green from the top to bottom, Do Not remove new healthy leaves that are growing. When palm tree trimming is done it is important to trim as little from the Palm  Tree as possible for proper growth. You want to have your palm trees pruned every year before the late summer when the fruit begins to drop.  You can prune you palm at any time, but the winter is the best time because the tree is dormant.

Palm trees grow quickly and pruning a palm tree can be beneficial when done correctly. However, over pruning can be detrimental to the health and growth of the tree. The thought that the more often a palm tree is pruned, the faster it will grow is an incorrect notion.

  • Yellow, brown or broken fronds should be pruned off the palm tree.
  • Loose petioles should be removed by hand. If they do not pull off easily, leave them on the tree.
  • Flower and fruit stalks should be removed from the tree. When the tree is growing to fast for its surrounding, thin out clumps of palms and trim back new growth.
  • Green fronds should be left alone.
  • Do not cut fronds too close to the trunk – this can damage the tree.

Pruning keeps rodents away

Palm trees with slumping, dead fronds can attract pests such as rats, roaches, bats and snakes. Rodents may nest and breed within thick layers of dead fronds in untrimmed palm trees and have easy access to your roof and home. Careful and periodic palm tree trimming will help prevent unwanted pests on your property.

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